Our beginnings

SIV Ohrid LLC owns modern production of thermal and ading rolls for fiscal registers of cash registers, stamps and ATMs.

The beginnings of the firm were made in 1994. by opening a bookstore. Development is legal gradually with its own capital. In 1998, another bookstore is open. In 1999 the production was started, first in a small rented room, then in 2002 on their own premises.

Starting with production

Since 2000 our successful cooperation with the company Keller from Germany began.

In this period, we have acquired the exclusive right to import thermal paper for Macedonia.

Until now, the firm has been constantly developing its equipment and rolling stock such as flexo stamp, new confectionery machine, means of transport, etc.

Rolls are produced with the highest quality thermal paper, which is certified, which guarantees long life of your appliances and printers.

We are direct importers for the thermal paper of renowned European and Asian producers.

With a capacity of around 20,000 rolls per day and through our own distribution network, we are ready to respond to the needs of the domestic and regional market.

In our offer, we have all the dimensions of thermal rolls, and we are able to adapt to the needs of the buyers according to the required dimensions, with the possibility of printing a logo or an advertisement on the background.

Wholesale and retail trade

In addition to production, as part of the organizational structure of SIV are the wholesale and retail trade.

We have two bookstores known under the name Snezana.
In both bookstores, we offer a retail sale of office and school materials and photocopier services. In the region, we are the largest producers of thermal rolls for fiscal devices.